I feel...dirty

Okay...we went and voted last night. I wasn't going to, I've never voted in the primaries because I refuse to associate with a particular party, especially the two major ones. I was raised an Independent, and I've stayed that way. grin

Anyway, my hubby talked me into it. We live in a slice of area that is unincorporated, so as a result, we tend to get shuffled around a bit. The place we normally vote was not to be used this time, and we weren't the only confused ones. By the time we finally found the location, the line went all the way around the inside of the building. Fortunately it wasn't too long of a wait. The only thing that bugged me was the way Republicans handle their primaries. No one can vote in it if you're not a republican. Anyone can vote Democratic, but you can only vote Republican if you register. I'm sure many of you ran into that last night.

As a result, since I refused to register, I voted as a Democrat. ugh. You should have seen my son! He thought we had betrayed the very foundations of our souls. My hubby finally had to pull him aside and explain the reality of the games of politics, and we went home.

I still felt as if I had betrayed myself. I had just voted for someone that I knew had no chance of winning, simply to keep someone else from winning. Is that an honest thing? I don't know. But I do know I'm glad it's over. Now I need to take a long shower...


Danyelle F. said…
Hi Gaynell

Hmmm - you didn't have to register as a democrat? As a former vice-chair, I know that each party is only supposed to allow registered party members to vote at their primary. I've run primaries before - and that just doesn't sound right to me. Oh well.

My theory on politics is this - you either have one person you're really rooting for or you don't. If you don't, then you vote for the person you hope will do the least amount of damage!

I'm glad you voted though!

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