I'm so Proud!

My older sons were playing basketball last night at the church, and it was so much fun. They have been playing for a couple of weeks, but it's only been two weeks that both of them have been able to play. Our second oldest son is not the most athletic, although he likes the interaction with the other boys.

Last night, they kept trying to get him to shoot. He kept passing the ball. Finally, right about at the end of the game, he had the ball and shot it. It went in!! We were so thrilled and proud of him! It was great! It wasn't the winning score, since we were ahead by several points, but it was just so exciting.

sigh. I'm so proud!

We are finally getting a break in the weather, which is nice. I'm taking my hubby away for the weekend to get some together time since next weekend we won't be able to. I'm so excited -- I hope he has fun!


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