Not to Worry...

I'm still alive. Things have just been a little crazy. My hubby hurt his back Sunday night helping get his nephews truck out of the snow where it had been for over a year...sigh. And now has a bulging disk. As a result, I've been working extra to make up for the time I went to the doctors with him, and trying to get the housework caught up and well...everything else that a mom does.

My computer has also been on the fritz and only been really available this week for me to use. I was using a different one last week, but it's hard to type on it because I have no lap. So anyway, I haven't been avoiding everyone, I've just been busy.

I've gotten a couple of entries for the contest, which are great and it's been fun!! You guys are great. Looks like it will be the end of next week when I get to decide. I'll be keeping in touch!


Keeley said…
Oh my, your poor husband - I do hope his back recovers. That sounds SO painful.

Hope you're able to get some r&r soon. =)

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