Well, it's Come and Gone

Well, I'm sure everyone was waiting with bated breath for the outcome of the contest! I know I was...grin.

Believe it or not, I only had one entry. The winner is.....(drum roll)

Carrie and Troy Keiser!! YEAH!!! Way to go, Carrie!

I loved your entry, so even if there had been more people who didn't just think about entering, you probably would have placed.

Here's the paragraph for everyone to read and enjoy:

"What do you mean it's loaded?" I asked as he handed me the package and stepped back on the bus.

"You'll see what I mean!" George hollered as the bus doors closed and it pulled away from the curb.

I stood there holding the small package, wondering if I should even open it. I walked a few paces and sat down on a park bench. Hands shaking, heart racing, I peeled back the plain brown wrappings, to reveal a book. I dove right in and read straight through to the end. This simple unadorned blue book would change my life.

He was right, it was loaded, with a blue-print for life!

Wasn't that good?? I loved that it was the Book of Mormon! Talk about pulling me right in. So, I'll be finding out which prize she wants. Everyone give her a hand!

This awards for you, Carrie!


Congratulations, Carrie.
Thanks! I'm bummed no one else entered.... but hey I win! :)
latree said…
Hey email me ... I'm up for a surprise, send me your fav as my prize.

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