Wonderful Day

Well, we just had a wonderful weekend. How about you? I have to say, last night was one of the best evenings we've had together as a family for a while. It really made me appreciate our children and the time we are together, especially since I know it's going to be short as our oldest son goes to boot camp in July. We treasure these moments and hope that the kids do too.

We actually started buying seeds on Saturday. My hubby wanted to buy plants, but I was afraid they would freeze before we got them planted as it was snowing when we were shopping...lol Can't wait to get that garden going though...

Went and saw Horton Hears a Who on Friday. It was so much fun! It was way cute -- a little too much on the kid side to say it was fantastic, but it was very fun and we enjoyed it. I know my kids will. I think Jim Carrey did a great job, and so did Steve Carroll. Carol Burnet did an excellent mean kangaroo and all in all, there was NOTHING offensive in there at all. (contented sigh...) It was a wonderful evening, we haven't gone on a date night in a while. I commented to my hubby that it had been a while, and he reminded me that he'd been laid up for several weeks with his back...oh- right... lol That would be why.

Oh, and Carrie...you need to pick your prize. I want you to go to my web page and see which print you would like a copy of, or you can choose a sheet of my 12 days of Christmas. I'm going to see if I've got it posted there.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!


Sandra said…
Ooooo, I love it! Isn't spring cleaning great? And the flowers are blooming it just makes you want to get your hands dirty!
Thank you I just picked it up! I will head over to your web page to look!

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