Capturing the Moment

Several years ago, while we were struggling with a child who was making poor choices, (like that has changed) I ran across a book that has had a great impact on me and my life. While most of you would think this was the Book of Mormon (and it's a wonderful read, I might add) I'm talking about something else. It's called He Did Deliver Me From Bondage.

While I haven't been able to fully appreciate it's principles and apply them daily as it suggests, I have gained new insights from it and am striving to work through my frailties. One of the suggestions it makes is that you read each morning, either scriptures or from the modern prophets and capture what you've read. By capturing, they mean not only studying it, but bringing it into your life. Writing it down, such as in a journal or notebook.

For some reason, this has been difficult for me. I used to be quite the journal writer. I have several journals through my youth and college years, and three alone for my mission. But since being married and having children, that has become a challenge. I've done better in the past year, but it's still much more sparce than I'd like. At one point I was following the 12 week challenge in the book with a group of friends. I got to a point where it was difficult and let myself stop. It still bugs me. I know I need to work through this part of my life, just as I know there are things I need to be doing. It is a hard thing though, and I keep procrastinating.

One thing I have done though, is I've started walking every morning on our treadmill. I'm not a walker in the sense that I like to go outside and take long walks. I love nature, so I don't know why that's not something I enjoy -- I just don't. So, I like walking on my treadmill. And while I walk, I read the Ensign. I've gone through three of them now, which I'm fairly proud of, and started today on last years spring conference issue. I'm figuring on finishing it before May's conference one comes out. I would read the fall conference, but we've been trying to read that one together as a family...sigh.

Anyway, the point I'm getting to, is that it has been a wonderful time for me. I suppose I could read the scriptures while I walk, but they take more reflection and attention than my sleepy first-thing-in-the-morning brain. My goal is to make it to a mile a day. Today was the closest I've gotten, which was 18 minutes, or three times around an imaginary track. That's pretty good for me -- especially when I started out at 10 minutes, and barely past once around...

But my favorite part, is the reading. I love the words of the brethren. I can hear their voices from the times I've heard them in conference. I ponder the words and how they effect me and my life. I feel as if I've started capturing their words -- in my heart. It's an interesting thing.

Unfortunately it doesn't appear to have changed my behaviors much or my tendency to be short tempered -- I'm hoping that will change with time, as I sincerely want to change. But that's what this life is all about, isn't it? The opportunity and desire ... to change. To have the image of the Savior in our countenance. That is all I seek.

Have a good one...


I go through phases where I'm really good at getting my Ensign read and then it will wane and I'll not get much read! You go girl! Keep it up inspire me! :)

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