I've Been Distracted...

I have to admit, I've been distracted. I don't know how it started -- wait, yes I do. Someone invited me to join them at Goodreads, and it's gone from there. Goodreads is where you can list all the books you've read, rate and perhaps review them for others to think about, and mention the books your reading. ugh. I've been going through and finding all the ones I've read. I now have over 300...but it's such a long process because I don't remember all the ones I've ever read. Especially the ones in high school...although I don't think we're really worried about all the silly romance novels I read either...hundreds of those (Barbara Cartland, Harlequin, you get the picture)

So -- I've been trying to find the ones I read as an adult. That's quite an undertaking to figure out what you've read over the past 25 or so years... And it's very addicting!! So, I've posted my bar thing at the lower end of the left side. Check it out...you might have some fun!


Annette Lyon said…
I've been invited to go over there--twice. I'm scared, because I just KNOW it'll suck me in, and I'll spend days and days at it!

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