Riding the Rails...

Well, I guess everyone is turning out to ride the rails here in Utah. They don't even go very far...only from Ogden to Salt Lake, but everyone is way excited and everyone had to ride for free.

You know how it is-- the free mentality. Doesn't matter if you need it, want it or could live without it -- it's free. Monday night of course, being the FHE capitol of the world, everyone and all the kids were out to ride. Which would have been fine, if everyone would have behaved themselves, they had put an extra car on every train, and outlined how people were supposed to get on and off. Alas, I'm afraid many people showed their lack of social behavior, especially the teenagers.

One of my co-workers was totally disgusted with the whole thing on his report of the afternoon today. It was interesting to hear his version, when my family had done the same thing. We figured Monday would be the best day for all of us to go together. The initial entrance was no big deal. It was crowded, but we figured it would be. Eventually, I got to sit down, and it was fun.

The ride back was much like his nightmare version, and I have no desire to try it anytime soon -- although I'm getting back on today. sigh. I didn't learn from the first time. At lease I've got a ride home in a car though -- so it won't be the nightmare both ways.

Last night was cars full of tired babies and little children, standing room only, strollers in the middle of the aisle and impatient people who just wanted to get home. My oldest son snagged a seat upon our entry to the car, and no one else was able to get one. I kicked him out of it about half way home, deciding I couldn't take it anymore. My poor hubby stood the whole time, both ways. And...we'd stopped in Salt Lake and gone to the planetarium, so he'd pretty much been on his feet the whole time. I should have sat him down and rubbed his poor aching toes, but I still had to get dinner on the table before everyone went to bed. (we're cheap, ya know? no dinner out right now...)

All in all, I think it's going to be great, but only when it finally runs down to Provo. At this point, I'm thinking they should have just run the Trax line from Ogden to Provo and been done with it. No one listens to me... grin.

So...if you've been trying to ride the rails...good luck. You'll need it. It makes me want to ride a real train though, and see what it's like. Hopefully not as crowded...


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