Code is Beautiful?

I think not.

My hubby has been studying computer stuff regarding HTML and XML. I thought he was learning Greek... I took a website design class when I was working in Salt Lake, and it was fascinating, but still not very clear. I got how to use the software, but wasn't entirely sure what to do with it.

Now I've been trying to update my blog, I like a fresh face once in a while. Especially since I started a new one relating to food -- I wanted a template that pictured food. All I could find was pizza and chocolate. Now, while I like pizza -- if that template had been around 5 years ago I would have been thrilled -- and love chocolate in moderation (can you tell I'm not young anymore?), I didn't like the look of either of them. I also wanted to get a different look for this blog, thinking it was time for something less "in your face"...grin. That hasn't been working either.

You see...I've found that the way things look make a big difference in how many people read your blog, or visit a web site. Remember how many times I've said Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Well that's definitely true when it comes to the internet.

Think about it. How many times do you go to a site and find it cluttered with adds, flash items, bright colors, etc. My first impulse is to close it down. I don't like sites that shout at me. I like ones that are easy to navigate, and easy on the senses.

I've been frustrated being tied to what someone else can create (especially when I have to see what's available for free...grin). Why can't I design my own? Not that I'm good at that sort of thing -- I think I've bemoaned my lack of creativity before. I may be an artist, but that doesn't mean I can come up with stuff off the top of my head. (grin -- I wish!)

So, I'm stuck with what I can find, or else I play with what I've got. I found a couple that I thought I could work with, but they aren't loading onto blogger like they need to. What's a girl to do?? Well, I figured I'd open my Dreamweaver program and see if it could help me. While it opened the code, it just tells me that there is problems with it and I'm not sure I know enough to figure it out.

There are loads of different pages out there, lots of people with apparently endless hours of time to spend on this project. It's amazing. For example, take the LDSNeighborhood site. It's extremely easy on the eyes, easy to navigate, and fun to walk around. For contrast, look at this site. This site's moving top bar and barrage of photos and items may be some people's dream, but this would drive me crazy. I wouldn't go to their site very much...if at all.

I realize these are two very contrasting view points, but I'm trying to illustrate a point. That's what I do...grin...illustrate. My, am I in a mood

I thought perhaps you haven't been able to visit all the bloggers that grace the ldsneighborhood site, so I'll highlight a couple of them today in an effort to illustrate the different looks of each blog. Most of them used the regular Blogger template. Some of them have modified things.

First on the block, from left to right of the neighborhood, is New Neighbors. The blogger for this section is Cheri Crane, talented poet and photographer. Her blog is the green dot theme, which I have used as well, and is fun and light.

Next up is Health and Food. We have Keith Fisher and Candace Selima here. Keith blogs about wonderful, yummy things to do with Dutch Oven cooking, and has a customized header on his blog. Candace blogs about assorted health tips and her blog is a great template that looks like blue jeans.

In the Music block, Julie Keyser is the blogger, and today has a guest blogger. It looks very interesting, and I like the customized header on her's too. Great job, Julie!

And last for today, but NOT least, is C.L. Beck with the Write Up My Alley blog. Her's is a regular blogger style, and one that I have also used in the past. I like the soft green -- I think it's relaxing and doesn't distract from her hilarious blogs!

So anyway, that's all I've got time for today, but I hope I got you thinking about the beauty we find on the internet and how complicated it can be!

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Sandra said…
I agree with you about changing things around once in a while- kind of like moving the furniture isn't it?

I also don't like the clutter. Right now my side bar is way to cluttered and I am working on a way to re-do and move out and combine and all that good stuff.

Hey, I just found out that Brandi has a thing she needs to go to the evening of the 14th and there is no one to take her (it is supposed to be moms and daughters) can we move the date of your party to 12th, 19th or 21st?
I wish I knew about all of the code stuff too! I have used the free ones and find that cute blogs has quite a selection. My current background was created by my brother-in-law ... he's into computer stuff and in fact that what he does for a living. I like change... when it come to by blog and my front room! I love Candace's template it it cool! I might just have to go visit the neighborhood again. Maybe I can win something! :)
G. Parker said…
You never know!! grin.

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