Wicked Witch of the West?

I feel like I'm the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz...I'm melting, melting...!!


I hate summer. I think I've mentioned that before, but if I haven't, let me clear that point up for you. If I could have the same time period off from work (which is the ONLY BIG plus for me) but it could be a good ten to twenty degrees cooler -- I'd be a happy camper. I'd be sooo happy, and I'd (hopefully) get so much more done. sigh.

I just melt when it's hot. I don't function well, I swell up and drink loads of water. I don't like to cook until forced when everyone else is begging for something to eat and can't think of anything to make either. We tend to do a lot of cold meals, because I don't like to heat up the house. Especially now that our AC is on the fritz.

We spend a lot of time downstairs in our basement. In fact, that's where we eat most of our meals. There's no other place cool enough -- seriously. Ice cream starts melting the minute you pull it out of the fridge in our upstairs.

But enough about the weather...lol. We got lots of news from our son on Monday. We got letters and then we got a phone call! It was so much fun. One of the things he said was when they go to chow, the last man in line has to hold the door. Then he has to sing this little ditty about how he's the last one holding the door. Well, my son was the one holding the door one day, and instead of using the word Hell in the little ditty -- he said Heck. Everyone stared at him. His Drill Sargent asked him why in the Hell he said Heck. He told him that he was trying not to swear.

It cracked me up.

His unit is doing really well, that's why we got the phone call, they'd earned 10 minutes each!

We are working on going back for his graduation in September, and that should be interested. I figure it's still going to be hot there -- this is Oklahoma. sigh. I wonder if I can bring a hand held fan on base and not get it taken away?

At least the car will have air conditioning, and hopefully the hotel!!

Have I commented on the fact that I'm a whimp?? Oh yeah...big time. I would never have made it as a pioneer.

Gonna watch the parade tomorrow though!! Oh yeah! I love parades.

Have a good one!


Pamela said…
I would NEVER have made it as a pioneer either. I can't take the heat. I turn into another person entirely and not a change for the better I might add!
Sandra said…
I hate the heat as well. How did I ever survive life in Southern New Mexico without an air conditioner? I think that is why I love to read so much, you can't go outside in 115*+ weather. But the rain was warm and that was fun to play in.

They will search your car when you enter base, so be prepared for that. They should send you a letter before you go. Or your son will. They don't like you to be unprepared. Just leave your luggage at the hotel if you can. We checked out and went to graduation the first time. We had to unload for the search. We didn't check out until after graduation the second time. Lesson learned.
The military is getting good at not expecting swearing. "this recruit does not swear sir!" is heard a lot.

My second boy drove a car in the parade this morning in his dress blues.

by the way-I need your guest list
G. Parker said…
Oh yeah...I'll get it to you!! Thanks for the info!
Carroll said…
I react to heat the same way you do. Summer in Green Valley, Arizona, starts in May with temps in the triple digits. I survive thanks to wrap-around sunglasses (the sun is incredibly bright), air conditioning, and the rec center pool just down the street from my house.

Then in July the monsoon season starts. If we're lucky--as we are this year--the rains come, the average temp is lower, everything turns green, and wildflowers bloom. It's our second spring, and I love it!
I love that he's trying not to swear! It wouldn't even phase most young men.

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