Commanded to Create

Sitting in womens conference on Saturday, I was taking notes on President Uchdorfs talk, and realized he was giving me my subject matter for today.

As I sat there with my daughters, surrounded by sisters in the gospel, I felt that we were witnessing a moment in history. Much was said in the session about the beginning of the Relief Society and the mission of our organization -- but what struck me the most was the talk of President Uchtdorf.

He reminded us that we were created by a loving father, and that we had those seeds of creation within us. It is our God given gift, and responsibility to create. We are able to emulate the love and gifts of our Father in creating things or moments of beauty and joy. "We each have an inherent wish to create something that wasn't there before. This brings about deep satisfaction."

I was astounded, having written along these lines in former blogs. It was the most amazing moment, and I was feverishly writing as fast as my fingers could move.

He (Pres. Uchtdorf) insisted that we each had talents and abilities -- gifts from a loving father. He was anxious that we didn't let discouragement and doubt cloud our abilities and vision. If we are unsure of what talents and gifts we have, we should start small.

"How many smiles can you create?" How much laughter, peace or contentment?

He quoted Brigham Young who made a statement about beautifying our homes, lands and then our minds. That when we did this, we not only improved the world around us, but what is inside as well.

Have you ever thought about what acts of service do for you? I try very hard not to mention my acts of service, because I want them to be honest and for the right reasons. I have to almost bite my tongue sometimes because I get wrapped up in being proud of being able to serve. I am thankful for the opportunities that come up, and wish there were more. I know that part of it is being receptive to the spirit, and I'm working on that.

But back to President Uchtdorf. If you have long wondered what you could do to contribute to society, long felt you had no obvious talent like art or music or dance -- you need to explore the choices out there. You need to discover what your talent for beauty is.

Can you bring joy to a child? Sew clothing for the poor and needy? Visit those who are lonely? Keep your home running smoothly and peacefully?

Not all art is visible or tangible. Not all talents are either.

Heavenly Father desires us to be happy, to find happiness. His entire goal is eternal happiness for each of His children. President Uchtdorf insisted that "Happiness is your heritage." I'm sure Heavenly Father is anxious we find that happiness in everything we do.

Reach out to those around you. Find the spark of creation within you. The beauty and wonder of what you are capable of will be amazing.

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Sandra said…
He is my new favorite GA speaker. And I am sure I will think of him everytime I make fried eggs ;)
G. Parker said…
Definitely! lol and burned toast...
I too loved this talk!

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