Grandma's Pride

Have you ever noticed that there is no one more proud of a child's abilities or accomplishment's than a grandmother? I work with several women who have multiple grandchildren, and the other day one was telling us a story about taking her daughter and family to a play.

After the play they went to a restaurant, and the grandchild had to draw grandma a picture. She only had a napkin, she she drew it on the napkin and signed the back of it. This woman couldn't be more pleased. She taped it up in front of her desk, after showing all of us of course.

Reminds me of when the children came home from school with art projects and we would tape them up on the fridge, or the bulletin board so that everyone could see how wonderful they did. I don't think I was ever that impressed with my children's efforts (I know, I'm really a terrible mother) until my youngest came home with a painting he'd done of Van Gogh's sunflowers. I was so excited! I bragged about it to the whole family. I wanted to have it framed, actually. I thought he'd done an amazing job. He has done a couple of other pieces since then, but only for school, and has shown no interest at home.

It's driving me crazy. I tried to get him to do something for the fair this year, but he just wanted to make something out of Legos.

Just think of what this world would be like if there weren't mother's and grandmother's out there to encourage the artistic talents of children? If it were up to father's, they'd say: "oh, that's nice, son." and that would be the end of it. The son would stick it on the fridge with a magnet, and then nothing more would ever be said. (of course, without moms and grandmothers, how would there be a child in the first place??? hmmmm)

It's a good thing we are proud of our children and their efforts. Where would the next master come from? He would be another tortured and bitter individual who was totally mixed up and took his own life...oh, I guess that's already happened. That's why I think it's wonderful that parents and grandparents are vocal in their praise of the efforts of the young. Perhaps we'll avoid more of this tragic artistic story. many pictures do you have on your fridge?

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Cathy Witbeck said…
I have a the first computer image that my son figured out how to draw with our paint program. He was so psyched. Now he has to show me how he did it.

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