The Art of David Lindsley and Jared Barnes

In mentioning how wonderful I thought Liz Swindle's work was, I received a comment that the reader thought David Lindsley was very good. I thought, gee -- another one I haven't heard of. So I did a little research on him, and discovered he's the illustrator of Rachel Ann Nunes's series Daughter of a King.

I loved the cover of these books the first time I set eyes on them. I felt that he had captured the feeling of the books so well, and his style is somewhat innocent in nature -- bringing that feeling across too.

I looked up his website, and while there isn't much about him -- other than he's been at this for a long time and is obviously quite talented -- it gave me a view of his wonderful work.

He does a lot of old style pictures...children playing with the older push toys and dressed up in play costumes. I would call them romantic pictures of an era long gone. That is also what I mean by innocent. The faces on his subjects are fresh, clean and free from the world. They are inspiring.

I hope you'll take the chance to look into this artists work and explore it on your own. If you haven't seen one of the books at Deseret Book, you might go investigate them as well. Rachel Ann Nunes is a wonderful writer, and these books are ones that every young woman should read. (And older ones too.)

I have tried in vain to find out more on this artist, but he is rather reclusive (apparently) in nature and there isn't much out there other than how to buy his work! We know that he works exclusively in oil, and that he paints many subjects. There are several of his about the Savior that are wonderful to look at, I especially like the one of him holding a little girl in a white dress -- she looks ready to climb off his lap.

His colors are warm and inviting, and the feeling you get in looking at them makes the world seem far away. I think his work would definitely fit in any LDS home.

In exploring the internet for information on David, I discovered a relatively new artist, Jared Barnes. He does an amazing job as well. His work shows depth of feeling and I'm excited to see how well he does.

It seems the more we delve into the world of art within the church, the more we find to uplift and inspire.

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