Bringing Leaves Inside

The beauty of leaves can be something enjoyed inside your home. There are many ways to do this, and that is what I was going to talk about the last time when I was looking up leaf art. I was really amazed to discover that there was actual leaf art -- but that was then, we are on today.

One of the first things everyone thinks of is a wreath. The picture above is the one on my door. It happens to be silk, but I've done the same thing with real leaves before. My sister-in-law has grape vines, and while it takes some work, it's fun to see how they turn out.

You can also make placemats with them. Take a sheet of construction paper, the leaves you want to use, and wax paper. You put the wax paper on each side of the construction paper with the leaves arranged how you want and then iron the whole thing. It's not long lasting or permanent, but it's fun for kids.

I've also seen the leaves by themselves ironed in the wax paper and hung on strings in the window. You can get the foam rings and fill them with leaves (poking the stem in) and use them as candle rings or centerpieces, or even a wreath that way. It's also fun to make rubbings of them -- make several and make a collage.

I have a lamp that is an empty Mason jar which has the bottom come out so it can be filled with objects. I'm tempted to fill it with leaves to have them in my room and add their glow to the light.

We have a huge maple tree in our front yard that just glows this time of year. The leaves are a rich mixture of yellow/green/gold and rust. The tree is right outside our bedroom window, and it's as if the window glows on the inside. It's gorgeous.

It doesn't have to be a fancy or big thing, it's easy to enjoy nature's beauty and art in your life. Just bring it inside.

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Cindy Beck said…
Thanks for the great ideas. And for reminding me that I'd pressed some beautiful red maple leaves to frame for a fall display ... and had forgotten about them!

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