Merry Christmas

It's my privilege to write, my privilege to blog. Sometimes I really enjoy it, sometimes it's a pain. This week it's crazy, next week is insane, but that's life and you roll with it.

The world of art is a large and many varied thing -- many colors, many moods, many views. I'm sure I only cover a small percentage of what is out there and called art, but I do my best. I hope you enjoy my thoughts and reflections on the subject.

Today's blog is going to be read on Christmas day (that's if anyone goes online and reads blogs on Christmas day...there's so many other things to do) and so I felt that it was time to reflect and to send my wishes out over the internet across the computers of the world. (That's to the whole 5 who consistently read my blog...grin)

There's a lovely song out called My Grown up Christmas Wish. Since I don't really remember writing Santa or having Christmas wishes when I was a child, I figure it's okay for me to have them as an adult. The song's lyrics are much more altruistic than my thoughts -- but bear with me.

My first wish is that there was enough money for everyone. Enough money so I could finish remodeling my house and be out of debt -- for all my family, neighbors and friends to be out of debt. For there to be no homeless -- no one loosing their homes...

My second wish would be that there could be peace. Peace between family members, neighbors, opposite political views, nations and countries. We all inhabit this planet and all depend on it's resources -- you'd think we could stop being spoiled and greedy and get along. But then, I don't think most of us are mature enough. Grin.

My third wish would be that we could all celebrate Christmas in a wonderful magical way. Sometimes Christmas is an exciting time, full of magic and lights and joy. Sometimes it's cluttered with lists and responsibilities and obligations that sap the joy out. I would wish for you to have the Christmas you dream of.

For me, that would be my house is clean and decorated, my children are healthy and home, we have just the right amount of presents for everyone, and they all LIKE them. We have loads of food, (I cook it all the day before or spread out during the day) what everyone likes, and enough to share. And I would have guests...people who want to come to my house to share in our joy and love. sigh.

That would be my perfect Christmas.

And the highlight of our Christmas, is the reading of the birth of our Savior. The chapters in Mark and Luke that give us the information of how wonderful our Lord was to come to earth for us in such humble circumstances. The willingness of his young mother to go through this experience.

I share my testimony with you this day -- I know my Savior lives. I know He was born and lived and died for me and for you. I know He loves me with an eternal, all encompassing love that never changes, doesn't depend on my actions, and is long suffering for all my sins. He shows me this every day of my life.

Thank you for sharing your day with me. I wish you the best and most wonderful Christmas ever.

Hark the Herald Angels Sing....Glory to the newborn KING.

Return to the Neighborhood.


Sandra said…
Merry Christmas, Gaynell

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