Oh boy, I've been Tagged!

Candace at Yourldsneighborhood.com, has tagged me, and I get to play. Fortunately, this isn't the same type of tag that we used to play as kids, because I hated that type of tag...always got stuck as it, you know?

This kind of tag is much more fun -- though I'm not sure how I'm going to come up with 25 things. Here's the rules she posted:
Once you've been tagged, write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

Well...since when I reached 200 posts (or was it 100???) I posted unknown stuff about me, coming up with 25 is going to be a stretch. I don't know if I have that much in me...lol

1. This Valentines marks 24 years that my sweetie and I have exchanged valentines.

2. I really like happy endings. If it doesn't have a happy ending, book, movie or play, don't bother -- I won't watch or see them.

3. My most favorite thing to do in the whole world is READ. ;)

4. Second favorite is cook -- but it's a close tie with paint.

5. But I think I come in second to my oldest daughter. She had to pack up the books she has in her room because she ran out of room. She has two large computer boxes full of books. (granted, half of them are graphic novels...Manga or something like that...sigh.)

6. My hubby and I are only 5 days apart in age. He was born 5 days before me. I couldn't stand the wait and had to follow him down. Didn't matter that we were two states apart...I found him anyway! lol

7. I have published one book as an illustrator, something I'd always wanted to do as a kid. I never thought it would happen in college, so I gave up on majoring in art and went to business.

8. I can type over 100 words a minute.

9. Obviously that means I would rather type than handwrite anything...especially letters.

10. I am a lousy letter writer. I you want to keep in touch with me, it needs to be email or phone number.

11. I hate talking on the phone. So -- that narrows it down to emails....lol

12. My oldest sister is also my sister-in-law...grin.

13. I posted a photo of my hubby and I on our wedding day at KSL.com for valentines, and man -- now I feel old. How could I possibly be that cute girl???

14. I used to want to play tennis professionally.

15. I can't be consistent with my serves -- so I gave that up in high school. But I was on the varsity team in California and I lettered in tennis as a freshman.

16. I leg wrestled a college basketball player and won...grin. (30 years ago...)

17. I hate to wear shoes -- especially in the summer time. I have terrible calluses on my heals...

18. I am addicted to Tetris...though I am trying to wean myself...gradually...help!

19. My hubby is my best friend in the whole wide world...and universe. (of course...besides the Savior!)

20. We have 7 cats. We used to have 12...all five died off in the past year. (long story)

21. I love snow. I used to wish we could get snowed in and not be able to go anywhere, until I grew up and realized what all that would entail. I still kind of wish it sometimes...

22. My greatest dream is to visit New Zealand and Australia sometime before I die or get too old to appreciate it.

23. I almost applied for "The greatest job in the world," but decided there was no way I could do it. If I were 20 again...grin.

24. I would love to visit Vancouver, BC sometime, and actually see more than the wharf -- I would also like to visit Edward Island.

25. My favorite temple is the San Diego one. It's like a fairy tale castle! It used to be the Washington DC -- I always thought I'd get married there, but without money, that didn't happen. The inside of the Salt Lake temple is astounding!

Well...lets see. I need to tag 25. I don't think I know 25 people...so lets see. I tag Keith Fisher, Candace, Nichole, Darvell, Sandra, Pamela, Karlene, Guy, Matthew Buckley, Chery Crane, Tristi, Randy, Karen Hoover, Wendy Elliott...well, I guess that's it. sigh. Good luck everyone! grin.


Cindy Beck said…
Pretty wedding picture. And you still look just as pretty, today!

Your sketches are so cute. Were you always able to draw like that ... even as a kid?
G. Parker said…
You're sweet to say that! I've been drawing as long as I can remember. I used to have some storage boxes in my bedroom and I would draw all over them...but it was people back then, not animals. I don't do people now...lol
Love your artwork. It is so free and fun. Cool that your are only five days younger than your husband. I am just one week younger than my husband and for that one week each year, I tease him unmercifully about being old. Wouldn't dare to that if he was REALLY older than me.

G. Parker said…
Thanks, Hazel! That means a lot to me!

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