We Already Know the End

Instead of a scripture today, I wanted to share something from this past weekend. I'm sorry for the delay -- I fully intended to post this on Tuesday, but we were busy going to the Draper Temple open house...grin.

In Stake Conference this weekend, we had an amazing adult meeting. In that meeting, one of the speakers talked about how we know the ending of the world. We know how things are going to come to a head, and that Christ will come and save us all.

We know that if we are righteous, we will be there -- either dead and resurrected or alive and raised up to meet him. Beginning of the millennial reign...the end.

Have you ever been one to read the end of a book before the beginning? I'm not usually that kind of person. The only time I read the end of the book is if the beginning is getting scary and I wonder if there is a happy ending to look forward to. If there is, I'll keep reading because I know somehow the author is going to fix everything.

Well, Heavenly Father has fixed everything already. We already know, because he's told us.

It hit me as we were sitting there in stake conference and the stake president was talking about how we know what is coming.

I thought, "He's right. We know the ending." Of all the people on earth, we should be happy and have no fear. We can try to be prepared, we can do all we know we're supposed to do, and then be at peace.

We know how this is all going to end. The Savior will come in His glory, and right will win out.

I hope you have a peaceful day.


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