Two Wonderful LDS Artists

If you watched the in between conference presentation on channel 5 Sunday, you were able to see a program about the art inside the Draper Temple. I've already talked about the windows and how wonderful the decor is, but I'd like to touch on these two artists, because their stories were so inspiring. Especially the first one...

Linda Curly Christensen

This wonderful artist has been able to realize a dream by heading up a team of Art Missionaries. Until this point, I never knew there was such a thing. She heads up a team of artists that paint the murals for the temples. What a wonderful mission! that would be simply...heaven on earth to me. Imagine getting up in the morning and going to paint for the Lord!

Fortunately, she has married a man who was equal to the dream and to the task of helping her in these projects. Greg built her a studio that will fit the tall panels of murals used in the temples, and also built large easels that roll on wheels. I can't even imagine the scope of these paintings. The largest thing I've ever painted was about 27" by 40".

She is really an inspiration to artists in the church, and a talented woman who has been able to share this wonderful talent with all of us who attend the temples. If you've gone through the Draper Temple, you've seen how amazing those rooms are.

The other artist that worked on those projects was Keith Bond.

He does amazing work as well. According to the program, and his website, he practices the art of painting en plein air which means outside. Of course he paints larger pieces in a studio, but he tries to do as much as he can outdoors where he can experience the reality of what he wants to put on canvas.

In addition to the murals he did for the temple, he has done two murals for the Utah Capitol building. They are both large and amazing works depicting two distinct scenes from Utah, in a way intended for those working there to remember that their state is beautiful.

This is the style of painting that I aspire to, since I love to paint flowers and the outdoors.

I was inspired by the program and the highlighting of these two artists, and wanted to share their talents with you. I hope you have a chance to see their work soon, and to enjoy the wonder and beauty of the world around us that was created by our Savior, and gifted to these talented people who are quick to share and answer the call.

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Cindy Beck said…
Good spotlight on those artists. It would be wonderful to be an art missionary. I never knew there was such a thing.
Anonymous said…
Gaynelle, is that you, from Bora Bora Ave. in Fremont? I lived down the street and we went to school together. If you'd care to, drop me a line at, and I'll reveal my identity!

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