HAppy May Day!

Well, I don't have a May pole to dance around, and I don't have excited kids that want to dance anyway -- they'd rather be playing their alotted game time...so, It's not going to be much of a May day, but it's been gorgeous -- in my view. I kind of like rain.

Anyway, hope you have a wonderful month of May. I'll try to put some thoughts down later, but this weekend is kind of busy. Got a baptism and luncheon tomorrow, as well as a temple endowment at the same time...we're going to be split up for much of the day...sigh.

Never fails...get a chance to be with your hubby and something else comes along.

Anyone want some dandilions? We have enough to share...


Cindy Beck said…
HA! Got a good laugh out of the idea of sharing dandelions. :)

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