Greetings from No Mans Land...

I really am alive...I'm just swamped with additional work hours, getting cars to the shop, getting some kind of food in the house, meeting old friends from 35 years ago, a nephew entering the MTC today, an 18th bday, a graduating son, (same son working at and finishing his Eagle) another son giving us attitude, two other sons having to be forced to do anything, and one of those sons getting sick yesterday and throwing up while I was at work. Can we all say, "Good timing!"? grin. His sister made him clean it up...sigh. Such empathy.

I've also been working on my proof copy of a book I wrote for NANOWRIMO last year that those who participated earned a free proof copy for...including shipping! So, anyway, most of my spare time the past month was spent in getting it ready to pretend to be printed. I'll let you know when it's available at Amazon so you can go see the cover and my name in

So, needless to say all my grand schemes for blogging on Tuesdays with an inspirational scripture have fallen by the wayside. In fact, most of my blogging efforts, now that I'm down to one 'Have to' a week, has dropped off. I apologize to anyone who might still be reading my blog.

I really am still alive, and I'll be trying to make more of a showing in the future.


Sandra said…
Why is it that the older our children get the less time we have to do anything? I thought we were supposed to have more free time- less to do and all that. Silly me.

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