Family is the BEST

Well...I just had my brother and his wife (the two on the right side) visiting from California for the past weekend. It was sooo much fun. My bro and I haven't had enough time together for the simple fact that we've been separated for much of our lives. Whenever I get the time to spend with him, I cherish it, and this was the longest amount of time we've been able to be together. It was a blast.

I took them to Park City and Thanksgiving Point. I've never been to Thanksgiving Point since they've made the huge gardens, that was really neat. We took tons of photos.

They thought Park City was fun -- the shops are always great. Then we tried to do a family picnic in the mountains, with my other brother leading the

That ended up being a fun two hour ride, but no picnic. We ended up coming home and grilling hot dogs at 9:30 at night. It was not the best of evenings, but we still had fun. That's the way my bro is. sigh.

So, now he's gone home, and we are getting ready to go to Fish Lake. Somehow the house just seems quieter without them.


Cindy Beck said…
Sounds like a lot of fun to me. Park City not only has interesting shops, but some great hiking/walking trails.
Sandra said…
Fun times.

Hey, I can't find your e-mail address- new computer so all my files are gone, and all my printed stuff is in a box as I revamp the Urban Botanic stuff.

Send me an email- and then I'll have yours on this new computer.

It isn't as bad as it sounds. I will still have access to all of the products. I have a bunch of inventory on hand and there is an announcement coming soon, so don't be too sad.
Cindy Beck said…
Nice photo, by the way. Where did you take it?
G. Parker said…
Thanksgiving point...first time I've ever been to the gardens. It was gorgeous!

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