Happy Labor Day

Well...I know I haven't posted for a while -- Life has just been too crazy. I barely keep up with my other blog that I've committed to writing every Friday. This Friday I will be hopefully doing two blogs, because 9/11 is a very special day to me.

But today, today is the end of summer. So, I hope everyone is out there getting their last sunburn of the season, BBQ'ing their guts out and enjoying family. There's nothing like it.

We'll be cleaning out a workshop and perhaps starting on canning apples...I guess we'll see what we get done. Who knows...we might sneak in a water fight...grin.

Have a good one!!


Cindy Beck said…
Hope you had a good holiday. Did you manage to fit the water fight in? :)
G. Parker said…
naw...ended up cleaning out my hubby's workshop, which was good.

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