It's ZUMBA Time!!

Wow...I've been doing Zumba now for about 2 months. I only do it a couple of times a week, as I alternate with weights, and sometimes I walk on the treadmill. Anyway, she purchased a set that has a couple of different DVD's with different sessions. One is 20 minutes, one is 45 and one is 55. The one that's 55 minutes, is a live workout show, where they shot it with a live crowd of like 100 people. It's crazy.

The first time I did it with my daughter, I thought I was going to die. Seriously.

The next day I could hardly move. My heart rate had gotten so high, that it hadn't been a good thing. I figured it was too much for now, and avoided it since.

I decided tonight to try it again. Wow...what a difference!

I don't feel too bad! I feel about like a regular workout, and I was mostly able to keep up with least as much as the people in the audience... grin.

So, I guess I'm improving! My eating habits have changed a little too...

It's like there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Who'da thunk?

Of course...this morning was a whole different story. I think I did get my pulse up a little higher than I thought I would and this morning I had a headache. UGH. I have also done the 20 minute one twice, and that works nice. The class up above is someone else's, I haven't gone to a class. I think it might be fun...

Anyway -- I'm doing better and am determined not to let it get the better of me!! grin. Off to eat my protein bar now... Recipe on my cooking blog. Have a good one!


Looks like fun, although I'm sure I'm not at all coordinated enough for that. Glad to hear you went back again and enjoyed it.

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