It's Working!!

I may have said this before...but I had to say it again -- it's working! I've lost 51 pounds in exactly 5 months!! I never really thought it would happen a year it's just amazing. My clothes are falling off (well, most of my pants look like clown pants) and my shoes are even loose!
The only down side is my personal trainer had her baby, and now I'm going to this single guy that I wanted to shoot yesterday, but I'm being good. I'm still sore...sigh.
He's making noises like I'm stuck with him for the remainder...NOT. I can't wait till mine comes back.
They want me to come up with a before photo. I have always been a reluctant subject, you know? So, that means I have to go through my photos and see what shows a more than head shot. You know...the body. sigh.
anyway, When I find a good one, I'll post it so you can see where it all started. I'm not going to post the after until at least October, when I'm hoping to have lost another 50. That will be the most dramatic of the two.
Have a good one!!
I'm so excited! (Sing with me now) And I just can't hide it...


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