Remember and Memorialize

I read an interesting article the other day that said one of the reason for picking the last Monday in May was so that people wouldn't associate it with a particular war (civil war) and that it would be warm enough that flowers would be used on the graves.

My mother-in-law came over last night for dinner, and her husband was quick to tell me they had distributed 17 different mums to graves over the past two days. That blew my mind. 17???

We are going on the first ever family walk to the cemetery today. We live about a mile from the city cemetery and we talked about how we need to do more of the exercise variety with our children - so this was suggested. We are also thinking of doing a 5K for the 4th, and need an idea as to how out of shape we are, personal trainer aside - I mean, she hasn't been training me to walk a 5K... lol

So - Anyway - Today I honor my father. He was a veteran of World War II, and he was a Ranger at a time when being a Ranger meant you didn't have a long life expectancy. If you've seen the movie Saving Private Ryan - the group that they send in to find him is a group of Rangers, the same group my father would have been in.

He and thousands, hundreds of thousands others have fought throughout the years to preserve our freedoms and to help others in discovering it. They volunteered. I honor those who have gone before, and those who serve today. Thank you for being willing to be on the front lines.

Thanks Dad.

On a side note: it was pretty cool - we saw Elder Uchdorf at the cemetary!!! My son spoke to him, but we all restrained ourselves from mobbing him. At least now I can say I've seen him in person! lol


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