I'm a little discouraged...

Well - we go on vacation and I come back to find out I've gained two pounds!! ARGH.

I know it's only two pounds, but I was sooo looking forward to it being down, not up. I've still gotten it down 60 pounds, but that just means I've got two extra pounds to go before October, which is my 100 pound goal date.

And lately, I've just felt FAT. Interesting, huh? I think it's satan working at me, but still - it's discouraging. oh well.

So, at least I did my work out today, so we're still moving onward. sigh.

If I could figure out what to do with my socks or shoes to keep me from getting a blister on my right foot, I'd be more excited about doing the 5K on July 3rd!

Any suggestions would be helpful...


CL Beck, author said…
Gaynell: It is frustrating to gain weight on vacation, but I think you did really well keeping it to only 2 pounds!

As for a blister ... I can't tell you how to stop it, but I can tell you if you get one that they say to put Crazy Glue on it and you can keep going that way. You might want to double check that, but that's what I've heard from a runner.

Oh ... and thanks for stopping by blog and commenting. Glad you enjoyed the wacky cats! :)
Karlene said…
Sometimes I think our bodies do that to us just to make sure we're still serious.

Keep up the work and move forward. Every step counts. :)

Oh, I've been trying to call you back. We've been playing phone tag, I guess.
kbrebes said…
Hi. Just me again. I eat mufas (mono-unsaturated fats found in olives, avocados, nuts, olive and canola oil, and dark chocolate)--one serving at each meal. And, I try not to eat any other type of fat, such as saturated fat or polyunsaturated fat, etc. When I eat those other fats, I gain instantly. But, when I eat the mufas, I don't gain and I lose slowly over time and keep it off. Maybe you'll try it and like it! Oh, you can google mufas, too. : )

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