Well, there's progress...

I told my hubby I was bound and determined to get my earth oven done this week. I've taken FAR too long as it is. I really wanted it done in May. sigh.

Anyway, I finished leveling the ground and the bricks were pretty much level, so I said onward. I put the cinder blocks in, and it stayed level (miracles do happen!!), so I put the barrel on. You see, he suggested (my all knowing and amazing hubby) that I'd probably want to be able to reach the cooking area from the deck and not have to walk around, and he's probably right. So, in order to make it high enough, we have to stack things. ugh.

It looks rather ungainly, but the barrel is full to the brim with broken bricks to weigh it down and make it solid. With the ring on top, we're ready to fill it with the bottles and mud to make the heat sink base for the floor of the oven. Hopefully I'll have that done by tonight so I can start on the top tomorrow.  Eventually we're gonna put brick around the base so you don't see the barrel and stuff, and it will look cool.  But for now, pizza this weekend!!! (I hope!)


Wow, how nice to build something with the hubby! How's the oven coming a long? Happy pizza! :)

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