In a perfect world

I would like to be a famous writer.  Unlike most people, I am not, and never will be popular.  I just don't have that little something that draws people to me.  People like to talk to me, tell me the strangest things that I would never dream of telling a complete stranger...but they don't befriend me and want to follow me home.  Not that I'd want perfect strangers following me home...

But anyway - every time I watch Julie and Julia, I think about the blogging world and how I so missed the boat.  Back in 2003, I started a blog about our pizza store.  I had a reader comment, and I was hooked.  Our store tanked, the free site started charging, and I switched to blogger.

Now everyone has a blog.  Everybody can write and have the world read it.  Some people actually make a living at it.  I think some people are actually worth reading, and I have those blogs attached so that I can see when they've written something new.  Invariably it's something humorous and witty, something that makes me smile.  Which is why I like their blog in the first place.

My stuff, on the other hand, is what happens to come out of my thoughts and through my fingers at the time.  Usually I just need an outlet to share my thoughts and figure no one is really going to be reading it, because rarely do I get comments.  I know I have readers, but they have lives --  Everyone has more exciting things to do than sit and read blogs all day.  (or should ;)  )

However, watching that movie always makes me wish I were there.  Wish I had that something that makes people want to know more about me, and eager to see what I've written.

The problem is, I've discovered I don't want to be tied to the computer.  I already spend enough time during the day at my computer, either at work or at home.  It's where I write, after all.  I try to write each day - and usually I make it.  But adding the pressure of keeping up a blog every day, just doesn't work.  I even thought I'd try it once a week and do a scripture thought.  Nothing came of that, did you notice??  Tuesdays are just blank as every other day.

I was going to document my experimenting with recipes on my cooking blog, but I don't have the time to do it on two places, since I'm usually eating what I'm cooking and have to keep track of it on  (which is a wonderful place to help with loosing weight, by the way).  Sigh.  I feel like there are already not enough hours in the day, why add more to it??

So.  There you have it.  The ramblings of a 50 something woman who is feeling some days as if life is passing her by and she's never taken the bull by the horns and made it hers.  Some days I do - but most days I just wonder if I'm letting too much get by.

So...I guess I might try again.  But I'm not going to announce it like some great's not like anyone's going to notice.  But if you happen to read my stuff and like cooking, I will try to be more consistent with my entries on the cooking blog.  I won't be posting everything, because my hubby is determined for me to publish my recipes and doesn't want anyone to steal them.  We don't live in that kind of society, do we??  right.  Even Julia Child was afraid someone would steal her recipes when she was mailing them to her friend in the states.  So.

I won't promise to write more here - but I will try and be a little more consistent.  I realized the other day that I could have been sharing my weight loss adventure.  While I've given updates a few times, I haven't really let you know when the weight was coming off and what I've been doing from month to month.  Well...I've lost 85 pounds now (which is a lot less than I thought I would have lost by now...sigh) and am still going.  Next week I'm teaching a class to my neighbors about how to adapt recipes and menus to lower fat stuff.  I'm hoping they like it.  I couldn't believe my measurements last week.  I've lost 10 inches off my hips and 10 off my waist.  It blows the mind.

I guess my encouragement would be if a 50 year old can still do it, you certainly can!
Enjoy life to it's fullest and remember each day is a gift.  That's why we call it a present.  ;)


Kellie said…
I often feel this way, too. I want to have one of the cool and popular blogs, but I'm honestly not willing to sit at a computer all day long trying to be witty. I have four kids, I'm starting an etsy shop, and I have a hundred things to do each day! I feel sad when I work hard on a post and don't get comments, I think most people do.
Congrats on the 10 inches off your hips and waist! That is amazing!

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