a wonderful weekend...

Okay - the past weekend was one of the best I've had in a while.  I mean, June was amazing, and that goes without saying (you know, 25 year anniversary and all that...lol) but this past weekend, hmmm.

For one, my hubby was home for 4 days!!!  It was like we were on vacation.  I got to spend the WHOLE freaking day with him on Friday (had to add freaking for emphasis), which was just too much fun.  We spent most of the day at his mothers, helping her with her computer issues, but it was okay.  I had him all night for his college open house, which was good food and location as usual.  Unfortunately they ran out of deserts before we could really have some...or should I say fortunately??  sigh.

Saturday we spent the day running errands and ended up going to see the late showing of Thor at the local theater...(love that movie) and my sons had a great time.

Sunday we got my granddaughter to babysit all night thru Monday!  It was great fun.  She loved her bath

 and playing with the dog.

It was entirely too much fun.  She's so cute!!  I realize I'm totally prejudice...lol  We also had a bbq at my sister's house, and they did fireworks after we came home so hubby could get to bed.  He has EARLY summer hours!  sigh.

Have I mentioned that we have this new little dog??  

It was my brothers that passed away in April.  He was a big Indiana Jones fan, and so he had these two little dogs.  One was Indie, and one was Anna....this one was Indie, (anna had an unfortunate encounter with a car - sigh) and when my brother died, we kind of inherited the dog.  It's some kind of chihuahua mix thing.  It's WAY too cute for a puntable, I can't figure out why I like him, but he's cute and follows me around everywhere and loves the baby.
Anyway...I've been getting my oven going again!  You might not remember last year how I started an outside earth oven.  Here is the picture from last year...
Unfortunately, when my bro came to visit in September, we tried it out and it wasn't ready yet.  It cracked like crazy and ended up collapsing.  sigh.  I hadn't done the second layer and the first one was too thin.
So, I've tried again.  This time I made it a titch smaller, and THICKER!

Here it is now - I'm trying to get the rest of the sand out for the next layer.  

I decided this time to use balls of mud so that it was more even in thickness.  So far, so good.  I included a chimney, as you can see.  My hubby was thinking it could be out of pvc pipe...um, for an oven??

Anyway - I'ts been an interesting summer, in that I've been visiting a lot of food sites.  I always thought I'd have a site that people would come and look at, but I have a hard time getting photos taken of the food I make because I'm not in the habit of taking pictures of EVERYTHING...lol  So, as a result, you don't hear from me much.  I'm hoping to change that,  so you might want to check out my food blog every now and again.

Have a great rest of July!


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