Can't thoughts on a great movie

Okay...I've been having bouts with insomnia lately...and it really bugs me.  I'm sitting here, knowing I need to be in bed, I'm really TIRED, but all I do is lay there and my brain is going.  I try and think soothing songs, but it doesn't seem to help.  sigh.

I've been taking melatonin, but I try not to take it every night, and I thought I'd be tired enough tonight.  Also...have to get up and go to church - if I ever get to sleep.  UGH.

So, I'll talk about my wonderful hubby and the date he took me on today.  He said he had a surprise for me this morning (well...saturday) and took me off to the theaters!  I was thrilled one, because I love, I mean LOVE surprises, and two, because I like movies.  I was even more happy when he got us tickets to go see The Help.

It's kind of funny how things have been working.  I read an article on Yahoo about the author of the book, and how she'd gotten 60 rejection letters before finally getting published.  I felt like if she got that many, the book might be worth looking into.  Then on Friday I read an article on KSL about the movie, and how he really liked it.  That made me a little more interested, though kind of guardedly, because sometimes when a movie critic likes a movie, I'm not going to.  So, I looked up the trailer and watched it, and my daughter and I both thought it had promise.

So, anyway - that's what he took me to see.  It was pretty fun, we were the first ones in the theater, so we had our choice of seats.  By the time the movie started, there were more men in the theater, but they were definitely out numbered by the women.  It cracked me up.  But I digress...

The Help is definitely worth watching. It is so well done you don't even realize the amount of time that passes, as it's almost 2 and a half hours long!  The acting is so good, the characters so believable and the story so touching --  you've got to see it.  It's a great lesson in society and the culture of the 60's.  My hubby wants our children to see it, and he's already planning on buying it when it comes out on DVD.

It's strange to see the one actress playing a 'bad' role, but she does it well.  You really hate her!  lol  But anyway, I don't want to give any of it away.  Go see it, enjoy and learn.  You'll not regret it. then we went to do the first driving lesson for our youngest sons.  UGH.  I'm so glad my hubby is patient and willing to do this.  Granted, the older of the two managed to do better than I ever dreamed, but's a manual transmission!  sigh.  We ended up spending a half hour or so at Harmons while they drove the little by roads.  They have the most fun cooking section of any grocery store!  I was in heaven.

Well...It's really late now, (or should I say early??) so I'd better try and see if I can get my brain to shut off.
Have an excellent Sunday!


I can't wait to see the movie. I loved the book.

My youngest daughter is learning to drive this fall. I'm sure she'll get her lisence right as the first snow falls. It will be a great time for DAD to take her driving. :)

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