An amazing book to read...

I got the chance to read another book for review - Outer Edge of Heaven.  Oh boy!  This was a good romance!  The author, Jaclyn M. Hawkes, told a convincing tale of life on a ranch, that made you feel like you were there.  I was laughing at some part and frustrated with people in others.

"Charlie's a girl?  When did Charlie become a girl?"

That's one of my favorite parts in this book.  It cracked me up when it was discovered that Fo (short for Forest - some fun nick names in here) the male half of two best friends has a girl (Charlie)as his best friend.  They've known each other since children.  Charlie is talked into spending her summer with Fo in Montana on a large Ranch where she ends up watching the children like a part time nanny.  There are many great adventures, some hair raising action and a great confusing romance.

If you want something that's an easy and fun read, you need to grab this.  It's totally contemporary, and a good read - so go check it out!  You can purchase it at Amazon, here's the link.

This is another blog tour, so there are plenty of other's who have done reviews of her book, so you might want to go check some out.

I have to say, the cover doesn't really do it justice, and it's not perfect - (there aren't many books that are now a-days, ya know?) but it's darn good!  I'm tempted to ask the author if there is a sequel on the way!

Go get your copy and curl up by the fireplace with a cup of chocolate.  You'll enjoy it!


Sounds great. Another good one to add to my wish list. Thanks for the post.
LDS said…
I'll add it to my wishlist too

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