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I've been mean to write something here for a week or so, and I just haven't gotten to it.  Funny how I started this blog so long ago to do just that, and I find that I just don't have the time.  Perhaps I'm not making the time - and that's another issue all together.

First - I have to repeat a comment my daughter made last week about a movie that's coming out.  Anyone who's been around teenagers has heard of a book series called Hunger Games.  Personally, I've had no desire to read it, and fortunately my children haven't (at least the boys) wanted to read it.  My daughters read the first one and then had no desire to read further.  One of the works part time for a junior high, and said she was surprised to over hear the librarian telling teachers and students what a wonderful series it was.  It saddened her to think of how our society has changed to think this book (which is a tale of a futuristic place where the teenagers have to hunt and kill other teens in order for their families to survive) is something good to read.  I was proud that my daughter could recognize that and was strong enough to voice that thought.  I don't know if she's said anything to the librarian or any of the teachers, but still.  I'm proud.  ;)

Second - we watched two movies over the course of two weeks that were absolutely outstanding.  The first one is new to DVD and if you've seen Fireproof or Facing the Giants, then you're familiar with most of the actors in Courageous.

I had heard they were making a new one, and the Kendrick brothers don't disappoint!  There were a lot of moments of humor, some things that wouldn't have happened in real life - like one scene where they let a criminal in the back seat of a police car with a civilian, only they don't know he's a civilian, it's wayyyy funny, but wouldn't have happened.  They just don't do that.  ;)  But who cares, it was a movie, and it was great!  If you haven't seen it yet, you need to.  You'll be quoting it as a family just like Princess Bride or Fireproof.  "Snake Killers!"  lol

Anyway - then Sunday we watched Soul Surfer as a family again.

  I've seen this movie before, and I was touched by it then, though I didn't like some of the acting, etc.  This time, for some reason, I liked it more.  I was a little less critical of some of the actors (I still think Carrie Underwood is a better singer than actress) and a little more in touch.  It's an excellent movie with a great message, one that anyone from any faith will appreciate.

I hadn't meant to turn this into a review of all things media today, but that's how it worked out, so there ya have it.  The must see's for Valentines!  lol  Courageous is a definitely romantic movie for married with children.  Of course...there are better movies for that.  Like Never Been Kissed, or Runaway Bride, or Sleepless in Seattle, though I don't think that's better than You've Got Mail.  I think Turner and Hooch is a possibility as well, which will probably make a lot of you groan.  Hey - he ends up with the town vet!  lol
Anyway - hope you have a great day.  


Sonja Herbert said…
That's a great post. I so agree with you on the Hunger Games. Having children kill each other is not only questionable, it's also illogical. It's so well written, however, that it sucks the reader in. I'm trying to figure out how the writer did that.

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