Feminism? Get a Clue!

I've been hearing alot about feminism lately, and it's cracking me up.  I'm 50 something, okay?  I grew up when feminism was big and women were 'empowering' themselves.  It was also the beginning of the breakdown of our civilization, in my view.  I'm just a humble housewife.  I'm not a master holding college/university professor, and I have no desire to be.  But should I want that, I think it's entirely possible for ANYONE, regardless of race or gender.  Why do women feel that there is so much difficulty?  Because Satan tells them there is.  I read an article that stated a friend who was LDS still felt there were issues in the church with feminism.  That totally surprised me.

I don't see how any intelligent female in the Church of Jesus Christ who truly understands the priesthood and the gospel can feel any lack of support or encouragement.  The leaders, especially the Prophet, have always encouraged women to make the most of themselves.  They encourage all of us to get an education.  They understand that some women must work outside the home.  Only those women who feel a lack within themselves and listen to the dark one and his whispering will think there's anything else out there.

I know better than anyone how being a stay - at - home mom can be hard.  I had 7 children under the age of 10.  It was a foggy time period that I really don't remember a great deal of, other than I was a mom.  It was after that time that I began to realize I had a brain and started developing my talents again.  I would paint with my children, encourage them to write.  While we develop ourselves, we encourage our children to develop their abilities and strengths.

While we never had the funds to encourage them to be on soccer teams, or baseball teams, (though our twins were on a softball team twice before it got too expensive), or dance or gymnastics or cheerleading, those things while being great activities, don't necessarily  make the perfect child.  It's the parents.  The mother.  The nurturing and guiding and teaching in the home.

I can't say my children are perfect either.  They've all made mistakes.  I wasn't the perfect mother.  And I wasn't always a stay-at-home mom either -- there were times when I had to work.  Fortunately they were brief, and there were times I held a part time job that enabled me to be outside the home for small periods of time, which I think every mom needs for sanity!!

But as a general rule, they aren't ax murderers, druggies and homeless.  (okay...so one would be if his sister didn't love him, but that's another story)  They are for the most part, contributing members to society and they were taught manners and courtesy.  They learned how to get by with stuff from DI and home grown food, and home made clothes.  They didn't expect life to be handed them and they certainly don't think that mom and dad are perfect....sigh.  The sweetest words a parent can hear though is, "wow, I was such a jerk when I was a teenager, you were right!"

I have come to recognize many of Satan's twists on the truth as I go through life.  He likes to put the pure into the gray, twist the truth into doubt, and make one feel there is lack when there isn't.  The Lord is the only one who can help us keep on the straight and narrow, holding tightly to the Rod.

I feel that a woman who thinks there is still a struggle for feminism out there, is someone who is confused and or selfish.  Feminism in it's purest form (from when I was a teenager) was basically, 'what's in it for ME?  How does it help ME.  How can I get what I want out of life?  I'm not earning as much as a man in my job.  I'm not getting as many promotions.  I'm not equal to that man in the company.  ME. ME. ME.

In some instances I can totally agree with that thought.  There should be equality in the work place.  If a woman has as much schooling, as much ability, as much skill, yada yada, she should get equal pay.  It's that simple.

However - if a woman is leaving a family behind because she isn't feeling fulfilled - because she wants THINGS over the eternal prospective, then that's a whole different matter.  That's where the loss comes in.

No one is probably going to read this - I don't have a big following.  I  never thought I would.  Blogging wasn't embarked on a journey to become world famous, it was something related to my writing and the need to express myself.  My kids don't even read my blog, so you see how much they think of my writing...lol  Actually, they love my fiction stuff, so perhaps that's what I should stick to.  Anyway.  There are times when I feel I must express myself to the general vastness of space and let it go.

Anyone have a balloon I can let go of?


Beverly said…
I'm smiling as I read this. We think a lot a like. I remember the days when my three were young and no one seemed to sleep through the night. It was a lot of work, but the best, most rewarding work of my life.

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