Father's Day Weekend!

Okay - so we got to have a wonderful Father's Day weekend!  It was the first time we got to have our two little granddaughters over night, and very first time ever for the one we hadn't seen for so long, remember her?  lol

Here they are coloring with Grandpa

And here they are playing with dad and uncles.  It was so much fun, and they were so cute!!  I'm definitely a much better grandma than I was a mom.  sigh.  One of our neighbors said it's too back you can't skip the kids part and just go straight to grandma!  lol  I know it wouldn't work, but there are times...

We tried to do finger painting to put hand prints on paper for dads and grandpa.  One was willing, and it was fun.  The other freaked out...so we had to improvise.  ;)  But it was way fun, and we actually got sleep...unlike last time.


I think I really like being grandma.  ;)  I know my hubby likes being grandpa.

 Hope you all had a great Father's day.


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