Sleep Deprivation? A whine...'s happened again.  sigh.  I'm going through a stage of having difficulty sleeping again.  I went through this a couple of months ago, but things settled down and I was able to sleep just fine.  I'm sure part of it is the heat...just because our AC can't handle the size of our house, and the inside temperature is only slightly cooler than the outside temperature...especially at night when sometimes it's way cooler OUTSIDE the house, so we turn off the AC and turn on the attic fan...  But then, that was such a long sentence you're probably wondering where the vehicle in the hit and run-on went  that was pathetic!  But I don't sleep well when it's hot anyway, so that's problem number 1.  And it's getting to the point where I might kick my daughter out of her room as she's in the coolest room in the house.  
Anyway - so part of the problem is this whole summer has been averaging going to bed about midnight.  Which isn't really good for getting up when it's cooler...
And so then I decided it was getting ridiculous because I'd go to bed about 11:30 and then toss and turn for 2 hours.  Yes, I did say 2 hours.  Sigh.  I'd finally get to sleep about 3 ish, and then my hubby has to work at 6 in the summer, so he gets up at 5, we have family prayer and then I try to go back to sleep.  It takes a bit to get back to sleep, and sometimes it never really comes until it's really time I need to get I'm a zombie for the first couple of hours of the day.  UGH.  Then I kind of wake up by 3 pm, and I'm not really getting anything accomplished!!
So I start with the melatonin, my standby when I just can't continue like this anymore.  It has ALWAYS worked for me in the past, even taking quarter dosages!  But last night I took a half pill, and it didn't work.  NADA.  My poor hubby couldn't sleep either, and he still had to go to work today.  I'm worried about him making it home...
To top it all off, it appears I've got Restless Leg syndrome.  We've suspected it for a while, but it's never been a big deal.  I can usually get up, walk around a little bit, and be able to go to sleep.  Not last night.  I got up several times, walked around, stretched, even ate a snack (I was starving at 1 in the morning...what's with that???) and then went back to bed.  Hubby was a sweetheart, and since he wasn't sleeping well, helped massage the muscles.  He even got a damp cloth to help cool me off, can you see why I married this man??  Can you say Saint???  YES!
sigh.  I'm not sure when I finally fell asleep, but hubby mercifully let us all sleep and went to work.  I managed to sleep till 8, then tossed and turned till 9, and decided to get up. Face the world.  Be the mom.  You know...
But I think I've also got an inner ear infection going, because I've been having some dizziness.  We don't have the money to go to the doctors today, it's gonna have to wait till next week after we get paid.  Maybe it will settle itself out on it's own?  Who knows.  But it's just little trials, no big deals, and I'll get through this with no worries.  I just decided to whine a little.  I think I have some cheese here somewhere if you want some to go with it...
The bright spot of yesterday (and there were several, it was a great day) was the surprise visit of my daughter, her fiance and my granddaughter!  She was dressed so cute!!
I don't know why the photo is loaded's saved right side up.  So, you're going to have to turn your head to see how cute she is, but it's also sad it looks like she's picking her nose...sigh.

But she's a cutie - even if she was in a violent mood.  She was hitting everyone, but I guess when they're going on 2, that's some of the behavior.  Doesn't mean they should be allowed to get away with it, right??  lol
Anyway, now that I've rambled on, I need to try and get my brain to function.  I've got to get some things done today, so I need to focus.  I had a WONDERFUL fruit/veggie smoothie for breakfast, and that's probably been the best part of my day so far.  Have I mentioned how much I like these in the morning now??  I've become a real green smoothie convert.  You should try it.  Really.  ;)  You'll like it!
This mornings was carrots, kale, banana, plum, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries and plain greek yogurt.  I don't normally add yogurt, but since my spinach went bad, I needed a little protein.  ;)
Have a good one!


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