Book Giveaway!! that I'm a grandmother, and have to think about what my grandchildren are going to be reading in the future, I've begun to look at books for children and young adults.  I have come across a series of books that are sooo cute and hilarious, that I just know my grandkids are going to love them.  If only they didn't have to wait 6 years!  lol

Anyway, if you haven't heard of the Piper Reed series, you've missed out.  My mom would have loved these books, which is another vote in their favor.  I was fortunate enough to get in on a free copy of the latest book, which is Forever Friend, and now I wish I'd read the other ones.  I'll have to go find them...

But along with that, I get to give away three books!!  A hardback of Forever Friends, and then a paperback of Navy Brat and Rodeo Star.  Everyone raise their hand who would love to win a free book!!!???  Okay - giveaway rules:

1 - leave a comment on my blog with email so I can contact you for mailing address.
2 - like Piper Reed on facebook (and tell me about it)
3 - tell me the craziest thing you ever did as a kid!  lol

The top entries will be the winner!!

Contest runs through Friday the 17th and I'll announce the winner on Monday the 20th.

So, give her books a try!  You'll love it.  I think it's a great story about how a young navy brat (to quote the title above) deals with moving around so much.  I really liked the idea of a gypsy club, I wonder how many clubs have been sparked by reading the book!  Anyway, get your kids to read it, it's clean, it's funny, and it has silly illustrations.  You'll want to get the whole series so they can start at the beginning!.


I like Piper Reed on Facebook
Craziest thing is what was done to me. My brother, knowing I did NOT like snakes, grabbed one by the tail and snapped it like a whip. The head snapped off and flew right into my long hair. I redefined the meaning of FREAK OUT!
G. Parker said…
Penniless Teacher!! I need your address and info for the contest stuff. Please email me:
spazWriter at

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