Well, they're over for now...

Well, the closing ceremonies have played, and the flames were extinguished.  Interestingly enough, it wasn't as sad a thing as it had been in 2012, so perhaps the reality that they aren't that far away dulls the pain.  lol.  I realize it's a bit silly, but I love the Olympics, and it's always a little sad when they end.  My family, on the other hand, takes a deep breath of relief, as they won't have to face every evening of watching the coverage on TV.  Though, there were several nights we missed and they should be thankful...lol

What cracks me up is the review of the closing ceremonies I read this morning.  You would think that the whole audience hated the party and the guy that did the show had no taste.  While those of us 'on this side of the pond' as they like to put it, thought it was pretty fun.  Strange - but fun.  There were aspects that we didn't like, thought were bizarre, but we put it down to the strange English humor. I could have done without the girl, Jessie J? and her skin outfits, but she did a good job with Queen, and my kids liked most the show.  I figure that's a pretty good feat.

We're excited for Rio, though I figure the opening ceremonies are going to be one big carnival.  What do you think? lol

(I was going to post a photo, but since there is a big stink right now over copyright and stuff, I don't have one.  Sorry!)


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