No Such Thing as Anonymous Anymore

I had to speak out.  I mean, it's what we do now, isn't it?  But the bit about the policeman who gave the homeless guy some shoes...he wasn't seeking for national or even world wide attention.  But that's what happened.  We never know when someone is watching us.

Our actions rarely go unnoticed.  Whether for good or ill.

Should make all of us rethink our actions, but it doesn't.  It makes me second guess myself.

Am I doing this because I'll know I'll get blessed?  Am I doing it because someone will think I'm nice?  WHY am I doing this??  is what we should always ask ourselves.

If we are doing some small act of kindness because we feel to do so in our hearts...then amen.  That's the reason to do it.

That's all I'm saying.


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