California Dreaming...

Well...we went, we basked, we visited, we drove (forever) and we're back.  Sigh.  Like I've told the people we ran into out there....I love the ocean and it's the only thing I miss about living in California.  I would never live there again.  I guess I could be tempted

We split the trip down into two parts, stopping in St. George so David could give grandma the report...  and then we headed to California.  It was gorgeous weather the whole time we were there!  I couldn't believe it.  We didn't even have fog!  Getting down to St. George was ugly...and our daughters ended up spending Saturday  night in a hotel, but the rest of the drive was great.  The condos at Oceanside are great, but I wouldn't recommend the 3 room's too close to the railroad tracks, and I swear they run every 20 minutes...till like 1 am, and then start up again at 5.  We heard those things every night...UGH.

The last day we were there was the cloudiest of them all...this was taken from our balcony on Sunday.  The sunbursts were sooo cool.  My camera just doesn't do it justice.

We tried to get David to show us his mission.  He finally took us to an area south...and it had a really cool beach.  There was a little park on the way to the beach and the walk way had shells in it, and the little staging area had decorative steps.  It was way cool.  There was a lifeguard station just off to the right of this photo, and it was cool.  It had lanterns along a short wall that we would love to put in our back yard.

We went to Dana point another day and saw a couple of tall ships that were docked there.  The gift shop was fun and we picked up some fun items for granddaughters....;)  But what was fun was our last day, Sunday, the same tall ship was headed into the harbor at Oceanside!

When we realized where it was going, we went to the dock area to get a closer look.  It was way fun, and Don really liked it.

We got to visit with a couple of different families.  One great family fed us dinner and we felt like we'd gained treasured friends!

We told them to be sure and look us up the next time they came to Utah.  ;)

We also visited the San Diego can you not when you're so close???  This building always looks so fantasy to me.
here's the group in front of it.  We actually had one taken just below the spires, but we were in shadow and you can't see us.

I just love this photo of Guy...he's so good lookin!

Kristie and Clarissa had fun messing around together.

Oceanside dock was fun...there were two pelicans that were nice if you left them alone.  One shop on the dock that sold bait and stuff had a sign that said they bite stupid people, lol.
This is David looking like a rugged sailor...
All in all, it was a great trip.  Over too fast because we were going the whole time.  we went to Knottsberry farm, (I'm probably not spelling it right...and I'm too lazy to go google it, sorry) and that was fun.  We went mainly because it was cheaper than Disneyland, and it's theme is Peanuts, which is Guys FAVORITE thing...
Here's the group in front of one of the windows.  We stayed till the park closed.  I thought I took more pictures, since we took the camera inside, but I guess not.  I also look like I'm mad at go figure.  ;)  We had a great time feeding the chickens and roosters in the picnic area.  The kids thought it was funny that there were chickens instead of pigeons and seaguls.  now we're back and it's still winter... lol   Of course it is.  Brrrrr....


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