Looking for the Stillness

Well, I told you how we now have a house full of people.  We haven't been this full since like....2005?  Actually, I guess we've never been THIS full, but it makes life interesting.

It also makes it a necessity to find whatever spots of peace that we can.  To enjoy every bit of joy that we can find.  The other night, for example; my son-in-law was taking care of his daughter after a bath.  They were talking, he was reading her a story, and her little voice was so sweet.  Then mom (my daughter) came in, and they were all three of them a spot of peace in the chaos that had been the weekend.  It was a moment I wished I'd been able to get on video.  This is one of my favorite shots of them.

Sunday was my youngest daughter's bday.  Her sister's were two weeks before, but things being what they are, no one has had a proper celebration at the house.  So, Sunday was kind of a combination for the 2 of them.  I made three smaller cakes, one for each of the girls, in hopefully the flavor they wanted, lol, and then one big one for everyone else.

I hope the youngest doesn't feel like she was just thrown in with the crowd again...because I was worried about it.  I tried to make her cake the center and more decorated...sigh.  Our weekends are so crazy lately though, that I don't think she had very much fun.  I did make her waffles for breakfast, at least.  And she asked for lasagna for dinner which we did dutch oven style and seemed to turn out okay.  She liked it, so that's all that matters.  ;)

My little granddaughter is growing up so fast!  She seems to be like a sweet weed...just shooting up!  And so smart!  We were slightly worried that she wasn't talking much.  That is not a problem any more.  I think she has an amazing vocabulary.  She still will stay stuff that's a little gibberish sometimes, but usually it's pretty clear.  It was really sweet when my in-laws were over and she came and grabbed GG Dahl's hand and said "come play!"

We have been extremely blessed with moisture the past week and today.  It hasn't poured so much (except for Saturday, of course) but it's been sooo needed.  I am so Thankful!!!  Our lawn is past saving at this point, but at least we do have some green spots.  ;)

I can't believe that I'm coming up on only having a month left before going back to work!!!  ARGH.  The summer is never long enough.  I'm really wishing I could just stay home, I have so much that I want to do!  But, the need is still pretty high for me to work, so I am thankful that at least I can work part time, and it's a great job.  And the ladies I work with are awesome.  So, if you got to work, it's not bad...lol

Anyway - off to try and get something accomplished for the day, since the house is VERY quiet today...odd...Hope you have a great day!


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