The Impossible

If you haven't had a chance to watch this movie yet, you really should.  I know it's just another disaster film, but yet, this one is real.  It's also a tear jerker and many painful parts!!

I'm a fan of Ewan McGregor, and he does a great job in this.  I guess if you wanted to pick it apart you could tell it was a little lower budget film, but it's still amazing.  I think it does a much better job than that other film I did a review of, the Fifth Quarter.   

So anyway - if you want something that reminds you how wonderful and important your family is, how people can pull together in a crisis, this is a must see.

It reminds me how once again, we're stuck in a place where we can't help anyone.  We couldn't help with Haiti, we couldn't help with Katrina, the tornado in Oklahoma, sigh.  We pray for them, we support financially when we can, and we donate blood.  

Sometimes it just doesn't feel like enough.

It also makes me wonder what it's going to be like when it's us.  When the end is closer and we have some kind of disaster of our own.  Are we going to feel like we're living in a movie?

Only time will tell.

At least we got rain today!!  Much cooler temps so it's a bit nicer weather.  Have a good one.  Tell the ones in your family that you love them.


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