He Still Has What it Takes!

We were one of those fortunate to be able to attend the OC Tanner Gift of Music concert at the Conference center on Friday (or Saturday, as the case may be) starring James Taylor and it was SOOOO amazing!!
(photo from the LDS.org site)
We haven't been to a concert in a long time.  I think the last one we went to was Yanni for Valentines...oh, sooo long ago, lol.  And then we had amazing seats!  My hubby claimed it was all due to me, as we both put in for tickets and I was the one that got them.  ;)  But we were six rows back from the stage (still couldn't figure out why no one was seated there yet when we got to claim them) and we could see President Monson, President Uchdorf and Elder Holland!!  It was prime.  ;)

But the best, let me say, was James Taylor himself!

He is getting along in years, which is hard to take - that just means we're all getting older!  lol  But he could still play a mean guitar and sing just like the CDs in my car!!  sigh.  It was sooo much fun.

It was funny, before it started someone was way excited and yelled.  I teased the security guard that the Rednecks were in the building.  He said they weren't in his section!  lol 

He said something about this being a rock n roll concert, and everyone needed to have their lighters out.  I was like, what??  James Taylor isn't rock n roll, James Taylor is (well, at least in my mind) a Folk artist.  But whatever, it was great. 

And of course, so was the Utah Symphony.  Man.  And ALWAYS the Tab Choir.  sigh.  What can I say?  It was awesome.  And I expected everyone to start singing along with Shower the People, and not many did...what's up with that?? lol  Oh well.  I guess everyone wasn't quite as into the music as I was...  ;)

And my hubby bought me balloons!  We had dinner at the Nauvoo Cafe, which I didn't even know existed, and seemed kind of like a scaled down Zuppas...lol.  We had meant to just walk around for about an hour, and spotted the crowd already heading toward the conference center...so figured we'd better look into that.  It was a good thing we did, that's why we got such awesome seats - we were there an hour early, lol.  ;)

Totally worth it.  What a great night.  ;)


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