I Couldn't Believe It

I got sucked into reading another stupid article about Miley C.  I'm not going to bother spelling out her last name -- if you don't know who I'm talking about, thank your lucky stars.  UGH.  That girl is...well, let me just say she needs a REALLY good friend right now to tell her the way it is.

The article said that her mother goes on tour with her.  There was this 'cute' little anecdote about how she was getting ready to get into her teddy bear costume for that awards show (where she showed how little respect she had for herself) and her mother asked her if she didn't need to go to the bathroom first.  She was like "mom!  ____ is right there!"  Well...like that mattered?  After what she did on stage for over six minutes was less embarrassing than having her mother suggest she go to the bathroom??  I feel like quoting Ron in the Harry Potter series:  "That girl has got to get her priorities straight!"

It's a sad sign of our day, really.  When the parents of that girl seem to support her in her various lewd activities.  I can understand them telling the press every where that she is "still their little girl".  They should still love her and let her know they are there for her.  But where do you draw the line?  I know I would be totally mortified if my daughter had behaved in such a way in front of millions of people!  It's pretty much like her filming a porn movie in front of a live audience, right?  How could you not go screaming into the night?

I guess they're doing the best they can, I mean, she's of age.  She lives on her own -- apparently down the street from them.  So mom goes on tour with her.  I guess that's showing her support...but I wonder if she has trouble sleeping at night? 

I know I do, and my children don't have half the problems her daughter does.  Am I being judgmental?  Probably, so I guess I should repent.  I'm sure she has many fine qualities.  At least, I felt she did when she was doing the Disney show.  Now, I'm not so sure.  I would definitely not call her a roll model.  I think she needs to be introduced to our wonderful member who likes to be known as the Tatooed Mormon.  I think she could tell her a thing or two about the life she is heading into. 

It's just so sad.  I'm sure Heavenly Father is up there shaking his head in sorrow - like he must feel like doing over all of us, huh?


Sometimes being the parent of the world must be the pits.

I can't begin to imagine.

Well...try to have a good one.  ;)  At least the weather has cooled off and we're headed into fall!!  Fun times!  ;)


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