This Time 12 Years Ago...

I was sitting in the family room in front of the TV in stunned dismay.  My family gathered around me and no one saying a word.  The images on the TV being replayed and replayed, over and over made us cringe every time.

My youngest was turning 6 in a week.  My oldest were 14.  They remember hearing about it in school and coming home in confusion.  My husband had called me from work and said to turn on the TV, otherwise I wouldn't have known anything about it.  We have military in our family and it was a shock to realize that they were now going to be involved in fighting in a whole new way.

What saddens me most about the whole thing is that few people actually remember this day.  My daughter came home from work and said that her co-workers were wondering why the flag was at half mast.  She was like, really??  It's Patriot Day.  They were like, ohhh.


Somewhere we have messed up.  Somehow schools haven't kept important dates in the forefront of students minds.

We do so in our family, and perhaps that is the answer.  There aren't enough families keeping the spirit of our nation alive.  That's why we are struggling so with everything.

Sadly, the family is under attack, our faith is under attack, and our nation is under attack.  Continually.

We are using electricity, have food at our finger tips, have cars, gas to buy, and pretty much anything we really need.  And we have these things because of intelligence, inspiration and blessing.  And sweat and tears and blood.

 Our country began it's might through the determination of our civilian military.  Our country has continued through the gritty determination and guts of determined men and women.  Military, Doctors, Firefighters, EMT, Paramedics, and many others that usually end up getting the raw end of the deal.  Their pay scale is the lowest, their risk is the highest.  Go figure.

I hope that if you're reading this you remember what this day is and what it stands for.  I hope you know how important it is to remember it.

And Never Forget.


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