Two Weeks Ago...

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since the funeral for my dad.  It's still strange....still seems sureal.  My hubby even mentioned it today as we were driving.
We went to St. George yesterday and back today, nothing like a marathon drive.  His mom and step-dad are snow birds, but it's getting more difficult for her to drive herself, and we've been asking her to let us help her pack and unpack for a year or so.  She's always turned us down, but she finally agreed this year.  We originally were going to take her down on the first, but she changed her mind, and it was a good thing, because that was the week of the funeral.  So...We are always being watched over and there are always small mercies.
Driving back today, we disappointed her a little because she had hoped we'd stay the weekend.  But you see, my siblings were getting together and dividing up what was left of my dad's stuff.  It wasn't supposed to be much, but it was enough that my sister-in-law wanted her garage back, lol.
So, we were trying to get back when they were meeting, but one thing after another made us late getting underway.  And then, when we got to Filmore, we discovered that it was raining.  By the time we got to Kaysville, it was snow, and the traffic had been crazy from Provo on up.  You would have thought it was a week day and rush hour!!  UGH.
I do happen to like the raised speed limit goes much faster!!
Anyway - there were few items that were of any value, but there were several that were fun and would be need for memorials.  A pair of cufflinks that were made in commemoration of the restoration of the priesthood.  Some ties that my sons and hubby can wear.  Some CDs that he liked to listen to.  Some clothing that will fit my sons and hubby.  Small things, but still -- there is a general feeling among my siblings and I that these are just things.  Dad isn't there, he isn't going to worry about any of these things, and he continues to live.
My sister happen to comment one day when she was counting off on the siblings that, "Oh, Lisa's out of town, Steve's out of town..."
We looked at her and said "Out of town?  They're dead!"
She shrugged.  "Well, that is out of town!"
So now I guess dad is out of town as well.  Wayyyy out of town.  sigh.
I guess one of these days I'll be able to handle it better, I won't tear up when I see a program or read the obituary.  I'll be able to think about going to the family Christmas party and know I won't hear his voice telling us the rules to the white elephant gift giving.  This year will be difficult because two of the four brothers are gone and everyone is going to be feeling it.
We are given this life as a gift.  Each person we meet and know and love is a gift.  The memories we have of them -- of life with them -- are a gift.
Priceless gifts that will never fade or go away.  The only thing we can take with us.
Truely an amazing gift from our loving father.
Remember to tell all you care about that you LOVE THEM today.  You never know how much or little time you have.


Pamela said…
I'm so very sorry to hear about losing your Dad. That's never an easy thing. I hope you have found some measure of peace. One day we'll all be 'out of town' and won't that reunion be wonderful? Take care.

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