Olympics are over...but Controversy Reigns...

Well...it was a good Olympics - bizarness and all...I'm hoping we get to watch some of the Paralympics! 

But anyway - was listening to a radio program today by Doug Wright, and he was commenting on the whole Gay rights thing.  His point got me thinking, which I'm sure was the point.  I'd heard about the bakery in Oregon that refused to serve a gay couple a wedding cake.  I'd heard about the photography thing.  And at the time, I thought - well, they have the right - it's their business, right?  Well, Doug Wright pointed out that how would you feel in their shoes.  If the government made them provide you with business, despite how they felt about you - how do you think they would feel?  I got to thinking to a post I saw in Facebook a while back where they had someone with the sagging pants and the tagline...like if you want saggy pants banned.  I thought - huh, no way.  If we start banning how people dress, what am I going to wear that someone doesn't like?  Forget that.
It's kind of the same thing with this whole situation.  I may not agree with their lifestyle and choices, I think they're in serious need of help - but - when you think about running a business, are we going to start doing the whole 50's and 60's thing where we say, no blacks?  White's only?  Isn't that about the same thing?
So...I have to say that I think we should buck up and if we own a business, and want people to buy our product, we need to sell to whoever comes in the door.  We may not be thrilled, but do we want someone to serve us if they don't agree with our beliefs or philosophy?  I mean, there are lots of people who would freak out about Mormons.

So - that's my take on the whole thing.  I don't think marriage should be allowed between anyone but man or wife - but I would agree with the partner bit so they could have insurance and stuff.  And I would not prohibit them from purchasing my products.
Who knows...if they purchase something from a friendly person, that might lead them back to a whole heart, you know?  Charity never faileth...even with those we don't like.


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