My Mothers

A while ago a friend gave me a CD that talked about listening to the voices in your head.  I thought it was rather odd, I don't really have voices in my head other than my own...but sometimes I think we do end up beating ourselves up that way...
Anyway, one of the points was that we can ask for help from the good voices.  That we can ask the Lord to let someone help us, such as a scripture hero, or historical hero.
Suddenly it occurred to me that I could ask for my mother's help!  My mother was a wonderful woman.  I just wish I had known her...or had memories of her.  She died when I was 4.
My aunt tells me that she liked to sing and was always smiling.  My cousin tells me she was like her best friend.  She was a second mother to her.  It makes me kind of jealous...  I imagine that we have lots in common.  Just looking at that photo tells me she enjoyed cooking.  ;) 
She and my dad were apparently a wonderful love story, and I feel that it was the loss of the love of his life that caused him such unhappiness afterward.
They married when she was barely 18 and dad was 25.  Doesn't that sound like a wonderful love story?  I would love to have her influence in my life.  My parents were converts to the church.  They were able to join and be sealed before I was born, so I was born under the covenant.  I was truly blessed.
Then I entered another phase of my life.  I discovered another mother. 
When I was 17 I moved to Utah and was introduced to the Beans. 

They were a large and strange lot and decided that I fit right in.  We ended up informally adopting each other, and I gained another set of parents.
And that's when I got Mom Bean.  Look at that face!  Isn't that the sweetest face you've ever seen?  She tried to give me a motherly example, but I was old enough that I was clueless.  I wish I'd learned more.  Even now, I look at the photo in my room and ask her, "what would you do??"  sigh. 
I was greatly blessed.
I have been so fortunate in my life.  At times Heavenly Father has truly watched over me and given me such amazing blessings. 
My mothers.
I just wanted to share them today.
Thanks mom.  For loving me, and leaving me a legacy of kindness and love that I have tried to emulate for my children.  I feel that success has been limited...but I do try.

Thanks.  I love you.


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