Happy 4th!

Well, I know it's past the 4th, but I wanted to post a small bit about it.  It was gorgeous here, HOT, but gorgeous, and it truly made me thankful that I live in this beautiful country.  We have so many blessings here!!
We have many things that we take for granted that many other countries struggle to just live.  Like electricity, clean running water, indoor toilets, land that we can grow food on, grocery stores that carry an amazing selection of foods, protection from crime (for the most part, lol) and the opportunity to vote and elect our leaders.  While I don't think that is working very well right now, I do still love this country and am thankful for those that are still willing to fight for it.

Thanks everyone who ever has, and currently is -- serving our great country.  You keep America strong.  Thanks for all you do and your families for all their sacrifice as well.


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