I'm a Romantic....and Always Will Be ;)

Just in case you ever had any doubts....lol.  I am definitely a romantic.  I love romantic stories, especially true life ones, and I love romantic movies where there's a happy ending.  I don't like the ones where everyone dies at the end or where one of them dies at the end...ARGH. That's NOT a happy ending to me.

I just finished watching Letters to Juliet for like the 3rd time...lol and watching that woman find her first love and have him recognize her is such a wonderful story.  It makes the heart beat faster, makes you think of how wonderful life is, and how stupid the girls fiance was.  ;)

It makes me think of my husband and how supportive he is of me.  He loves my painting (he's always talking about the judges need glasses when I enter competitions, lol) he puts up with my writing -- though I'm not sure how much of my stuff he's actually read.  He loves my cooking, and is always willing to try a bite of whatever I'm making.  He's told the kids there's only been one time he didn't like something I'd made, and it was no wonder...I didn't even like it!!  ;)

But yesterday while we were driving, he was talking to me about how upset he is with the kids and how they are taking so much for granted.  We still have five living at home with us, (sigh) and they are all struggling in their own way, but yet - they can afford to go see movies, or buy fast food.  He expressed to me how he'd like to be able to take me to movies or buy me flowers, without worrying about the money.

Just knowing that he wants to do those things makes it all better.  Does that even make any sense?  Probably not, but it does.  Just knowing that he loves me and wants to do things for me is the most wonderful feeling in the world.  He jokes that if he dies before me, I'll be fine -- but if I die before him, he'll starve to death in a week because he's forgotten how to cook.  He hates being without me. 

I love him and he loves me.  And as long as we have that love, I'll be a romantic.  ;) 



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