Happy Hanukka!

In case anyone is counting, 3 more days till the break...and less than 10 days till Christmas!  Are we all ready? hmmm....
Anyway - today is the first day of Hanukkah!  In honor of this holiday that's been around longer than Christmas, here is a song that we get a kick out of every year.  It drives my hubby crazy, but ya know... lol

You would think sometime during the next 8 days it would be a national fried doughnut or food day of some kind...like Latke day, lol.
Anyway - today is also my favorite thing:  Chocolate covered anything day!!!
Isn't that the best??  Anything you want to cover in chocolate!  okay, my hubby heard of a strange one the other day.  Apparently Lays now makes a chocolate covered potato chip...not sure I'd be into that one.  I don't know that I like that combination.  I'm not a big chip eater anyway...
Well - let me know what your favorite chocolate covered item is!  We started the candy making last night, which was the usual chaos - I'm not sure what I'll think if we ever make candy without all the kids there.  We'll wonder if we lost our hearing, lol.  But as a result, my treat today is a chocolate dipped pretzel.  ;)  (No caramel this year!!)
Have a great day!  


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